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Striving For Wellness

 Health and Wellbeing. There’s no organ in the entire human body that’s quite as important as the heart. Yes, the brain might be in charge of controlling what we do and how we function, and of course the lungs are responsible for inhaling oxygen and helping to expel carbon dioxide, but the truth is that without a healthy heart, every single process within our bodies will slow down and then turn off resulting in death..

The heart is responsible for pumping blood around the body which can then travel through blood vessels and veins to ensure that all organs and cells are well fed and nourished. If a heart cannot perform this task correctly, then we’ll begin to suffer as a consequence and that’s what makes cardiovascular health so important in men. So how can it be improved? Well let’s take a look at some of the best ways to get your heart working to its maximum potential..( see Herbalife NZ here)

Health News

  • ExcersiseIt’s no secret that exercise helps to improve blood pressure levels, releases endorphins for that ‘feel-good’ feeling, and controls the amount of calories being burnt off – but a major benefit that is often overlooked is an exercises’ ability to improve heart health. As we work out, our body requires fresh influxes of blood to help to keep us energized, and our heart will have to work harder to pump blood around faster than usual. As the heart is a muscle, the more that it’s exercised the stronger that it will get, just like a bicep or abs..
  • Drinking Plenty Of WaterAs we age, our blood will begin to develop a much thicker consistency. This isn’t because it will grow stale (our body always produces fresh blood), it’s because of the tendency for blood cells to die much quicker and these empty cells will stay in the blood stream over time. That’s where drinking fresh water comes in handy as it can help to lubricate our blood so that it can travel around our bodies more efficiently; whilst cleaning away dead blood cells to make room for fresh ones..

Health Assignments

  • Healthy EatingThere’s nothing as important as a healthy diet, and this should include plenty of green vegetables as a priority. This type of veg is very rich in vitamins and minerals, not to mention antioxidants which are responsible for cleaning toxins from our blood stream. A healthy heart will be able to function much more efficiently if it isn’t having to fight its way through toxins and harmful chemicals, so being sure to stick to the recommended ‘5-a-day’ is guaranteed to go a long way in helping..
  • Health & Your Heart When it comes to sexual health then cardiovascular health is so important unless you want to start using medication like viagra, but there’s no strict routine to follow – it’s always best to live a healthy, balanced life full of activity, exercise, healthy eating and positive thinking. The rest will fall in to place with a consistently healthy lifestyle, so just take every opportunity to boost your heart’s health and you can sit back and relax while your body reaps the rewards. For more on your heart and how cardio can improve your sexual health with or without ED meds see

Healthy Outdoors Living: Learning to Tell the Time When You’re Outdoors

There’s nothing worse than being stuck outdoors with no way of knowing where you are of even what time it is. Fortunately, there are a few methods that can help you with identifying your location and direction, as well as being able to keep track of the time of day so that you can record your positions and movement. Let’s take a look at these methods now.

Using Moss and Lichen

It’s a little known fact that moss and lichen grow facing specific directions when outdoors. If you’re located in the northern hemisphere (the top half of the equator), then moss and lichen will grow facing North. What this means is that you can locate a piece of foliage growing on rocks or trees and then calculate the direction that you’re headed by referring to the way that the lichen is growing. The same would apply to the Southern hemisphere, with moss growing Southwards as the sun passes by overhead.

Using the Sun to Tell you the Time

Whether you’re in the Northern or Southern hemispheres, one fact will remain the same; the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. If you find that you’re outdoors without any way to tell the time, then simply check for the sun’s position. Depending on the time of year, the sun will appear in the very centre of the sky when it’s 12 noon. This means that if the sun appears anywhere between the left horizon and the centre of the sky, it will be somewhere between 6am and 12 noon. If the sun is past the centre of the sky, but hasn’t set yet, it will be between 12 noon and 6pm.

If you’d like to learn more about the outdoors, then why not head over to and check out their great range of articles?


Looking Good Feeling Great – Can Cosmetic Surgery Help?

The eyelids are responsible for a range of things. Their most common use is to protect our eyeballs from dirt and debris, although they are also responsible for helping to lubricate our eyes and keep them from drying out. As we age, it’s not uncommon for our eyelids to begin to sag and wrinkle, and not only can this take a toll on their effectiveness; it can be a very unwanted sign of ageing. Fortunately; advances within the medical industry have made eyelid surgery an option, and its increasing popularity speaks volumes for its effects.

Getting to Grips with Eyelid Surgery

One of the most important things to consider about eyelid surgery is that it isn’t actually an intrusive surgery. As the eyelid is an external component of the human body; there’s really no need to delve deep in to muscle and tissue. The procedure can take anywhere between an hour and a few hours, and it’s entirely painless as local anaesthetic is utilised as standard.

Depending on the requirement for the eyelid surgery, the time will vary. If eyelid surgery is required for medical reasons for example, then the procedure may involve cutting and slicing in very intricate ways. This will extend the length of the procedure slightly, although the patient will be under anaesthetic so the length of time won’t be that important a consideration.

If the procedure is more for aesthetic purposes however, then it will typically involve the stretching or smoothening of the eyelid area. If wrinkles are forming, then the eyelid area can be stretched or pulled tight so as to remove any signs of ageing. Once the eyelids have been properly positioned, any excess skin can be removed or fastened using a medical adhesive, and the age lines will be barely visible.

Complications of Eyelid Surgery

Although the entire procedure is very safe and hygienic, there are events that can occur after the surgery that are unwanted. These events can include infections and other bacterial growth. To avoid these incidents from taking place, it’s important to keep up with medical advice as provided by the doctor or surgeon. In most instances, a gentle clean with warm water can help to keep the eyelid area fresh and free from bacteria.

The Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

Once the surgery has been completed, the benefits will be clear for all to see. As mentioned briefly above, the eyelids can be tightened to completely nullify the appearance of wrinkles and age lines, as well as being suitable for enhancing the effectiveness of the eyelids as we age. The procedure can all but eliminate the concern of eyelid sagging (which can often result in a loss of vision). As far as medical procedures go, eyelid surgery is painless, boasts a maximum success rate and is very affordable. For more on MACS & other surgery visit